CMA CGM Marco Polo

The World's largest containership

396 meters long / 16,000 TEUs


  1. Focus on the CMA CGM Marco Polo’s crew

    Interview of Ludovic Gérard, Vice-President of CMA Ships “To best prepare our officers to operate this giant of the seas, they have undertaken specific training on manoeuvring the ship. This was done on the CMA CGM Group’s simulator in Marseille, but also on a reduced-size model (16 metres in length!) at Ilawa in Poland. This course really helps them get the measure of the vessel and how to carry out the various delicate manoeuvres. The engineers were not left out, as they were offered specific courses on the Wartsila electronic engine and high voltage installations....”


On 5 November, the CMA CGM Group took delivery of the biggest vessel in its fleet and currently the world’s largest (capacity) containership, the CMA CGM MARCO POLO capable of carrying up to 16,000 TEUs.
With this blog, you will find out all about the vessel as well as many interesting aspects of a merchant fleet: from building the vessel, to training those who sail on her, the goods carried and the technical innovations to protect the environment.